What is The Rebellion?

The Rebellion is an independent supporter’s group founded with the intent to organize, unite, strengthen, and increase support for the New England Revolution. All Revs fans are invited to join us at our tailgate parties, to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the Fort, and to travel with us to away matches. Get loud, be proud, and know you are among the most passionate soccer fans in New England.

Our goal?

The Rebellion’s goal is to support the Revolution at every match. We will cheer, sing, rant, rave, and scream for our team in order to create a loud and intimidating atmosphere to any opposing team who dares enter our home. Through our shared passion for soccer, we look to grow and connect a family of fans outside of Revolution matches.

Can I join The Rebellion?

Yes. The Rebellion is open to any fans that are dedicated to supporting the Revolution by standing, cheering, singing, creating tifo displays, and giving your heart for the full ninety. We're open to all fans, whether they are new to the Revs and MLS or have been here since '96. Our members come from all over New England and from all different ages and backgrounds.  
*We will not tolerate any racist, homophobic or violent behavior.  

Hey, where’s my money going?

The membership dues enable us to be self sufficient and purchase the basic needs of a supporter group such as the huge banners, flags, streamers, confetti, the website, merchandise and other operating expenses. Revenue generated will  be used to defray the expenses for our members wherever possible, like bus trips. As our group grows it will allow us to purchase and provide bigger and better things for our Rebels. We can assure you that if we have the money, we are going to do our best to spend it on something that benefits our members and the Fort. The ideas never stop flowing, but they do get expensive. Your dues help us make them a reality, so thanks. If you have an idea on how to further our group, be sure to contact us.

Please note that we are currently in the process of transitioning into a 501c organization to sustain operations.

Head over to our Store to become a member today... if you don’t want to become an official member you are still welcome in the tailgates and our section in The Fort, but we’re sorry that you are going to miss out on the exclusive deals and opportunities we provide to our members.

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