Glory Glory Revolution at MTL! Photo by Joe Raviele.

Glory Glory Revolution at MTL! Photo by Joe Raviele.

Fall in New England. For most it means it's time to put out the pumpkins and put on a sweater and suffer through a million commercials during an NFL game.

For Revs fans it means it's time find your passport and hit the road to support the Boys in Blue on foreign soil as they continue the fight to get above that damned red line and into the playoffs.

The game is Sunday, October 22, 2017 and all roads lead to Montreal. (Please note they also pass through some wonderful sections of northern New England en route to Montreal.)

Personally it's one of my favorite soccer road trips out there. It's a great city, great weather, great parties, great atmosphere and a great crew of supporters that usually make the trek. Also, the Revs seem to do well up there! Join us!

Have questions? Send us a note. Tickets are available by clicking the button below! We'll be printing the tickets and bringing them to Montreal and passing them out as people enter the stadium.