Dear Rebels and Fellow Fort Dwellers,

Exciting news! Some feedback we've heard from folks in The Fort over the past few seasons is that we needed some new chants. Not that we don’t love or are leaving our beloved classics…but the call for some fresh material has been heard for some time.

Back in October, one of our Board Members Matthew Puglise approached local ska/punk band Big D and the Kids Table about the possibility of generating some original songs for The Fort. The band couldn’t have been more excited at the prospect of working with Revs fans and developing some new stuff. Over the course of a few months, emails were exchanged and plans were made. We reached out for support to our brothers and sisters in the Midnight Riders and the Rev Army and things started to come together.

On January 10th, members of all three supporter groups gathered at Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown and recorded the new songs in addition to re-recording a good number of our classics. The process was a lot of work and we’re sure it’ll be definitely be worth it.

So after a month of editing, mixing, and mastering, we present to you four all new, never before heard chants for The Fort!

They are available to stream on our website and can be downloaded individually for $1 or all 12 for $5. Proceeds will help us raise money for the group so we can continue to bring our members stuff like this.

Learn them. Live them. Love them. Get ready to lose your voices singing them on match day.

Love you all.

New England ‘til We Die,

-Rebel HQ

We want to send a special thank you to Big D and the Kids Table, especially David McWane for all the hard work and time they put into this project. Also to the staff at Galaxy Park Studios for the time and effort of making these tracks as amazing as possible. And finally to all of the supporters who came out and helped record these songs, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Your tireless efforts continue to elevate the soccer supporter culture in New England.