Dozens of Rebellion members got together to review activities from last season and chart a course for 2018 that includes a big push on increasing opportunities for members to get involved.

On Saturday, January 20, The Rebellion hosted their second annual General Assembly Meeting at Brass Monkey in Providence, Rhode Island. This was the second attempt at this event, as the original date December 9th was postponed due to snow. So we were excited and relieved to have excellent, unseasonably warm weather for this meeting!

2018 Rebellion General Assembly

2018 Rebellion General Assembly

This meeting was an opportunity to sit down with our members and discuss our successes from last year and our goals for from the upcoming season. Our main focus for this meeting was to inform and encourage involvement within Rebel HQ, the volunteer team that is responsible for all the tailgates, watch parties, away trips, and other events that the Rebellion runs through the year.

The meeting was also held to nominate and elect officers for the 2018 Season. Matt Puglise, Ray Sullivan, Jon Huot, and Alex Almeida were all unanimously re-elected to hold previous positions within the Rebellion board of directors.

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