It’s quite difficult to be a Revs fan right now. 2019 has had a nightmarish start and Thursday, May 9, 2019, the FO relieved Head Coach Brad Friedel’s of his duties. It was the right decision to make, but as many of you will agree, there are more changes that need to be made. There are many questions that need to be answered.

Why is Burns picking another coach?
Why do only keep hearing rumors about a stadium?
Why are DPs refusing to join us?

We can gripe on social media but as we have learned from the past few years, that gets us no where.

Rebel HQ met and felt it was our duty to use the relationship we’ve established with the front office to formally request a town hall meeting with the Revs FO and most importantly, either Robert or Jonathan Kraft. Rebels need their chance to voice their concerns and ask the tough questions.

Prior to the game on Saturday, May 11, members of Rebel HQ met with the Revs FO and Team Ops representatives for our usual pre-game security meeting. At this meeting, Rebellion President Matt Puglise handed the written request for a town hall meeting to New England Revolution President Brian Billelo. The copy of the letter is below.

We will keep all members updated on the Revs decision. That being said, the Rebellion does not intend on participating in a town hall meeting if Robert or Jonathan Kraft are not present.

May 11, 2019

Dear President Bilello and General Manager Burns--

The Rebellion have a long and proud history of supporting the Revolution in good times and in bad. Our passion for and commitment to this club is unwavering and even in these challenging times, we will always remain "New England ‘Til We Die."

However, as the organization moves forward with critical decisions relative to the club's future, including a permanent head coach and potential stadium, we believe that it is critically important for the voice of the supporters to be recognized, respected and included in those decisions.

That is why we are formally requesting a town-hall-style supporters’ summit.

We are the ones who show up week in and week out; who travel to away games; support the club’s charitable activities, and alway stand as vocal defenders of our players. We are among your most loyal supporters and we are asking for an open forum where questions may be asked and a free-flowing, respectful dialogue about the club’s future will occur.

We suggest this meeting be open to any member in good standing of the two official supporter groups, The Rebellion and The Midnight Riders. We also respectfully request that you both attend and participate, along with Interim Head Coach Mike Lapper and most importantly, either Robert or Jonathan Kraft.

We believe in this club and we believe in its’ future. This thoughtful dialogue can go a long way to stem the tide of frustration and uncertainty that far too many supporters feel, so we strongly urge you to engage.

Thank you for consideration of this request. We eagerly await your response and look forward to working with you to make it happen.   


The Rebellion